The Starving Little Prince


There are thousands of Restaurant Guides that tell you where to eat a very good menu for 150$/person or which is the latest fashionable place in the city, but the first and almost the only one that comes to my mind is the arch-famous “Michelin”, a Frenchman would pronounce it much better than me, something like “mishelang

A guide that also gives “Stars” to those restaurants where prepared exquisite dishes with care and investigate new ways of cooking. We recognize they have created a School.

Few loaded people follow this “Guide of the Stars” designed to eat well and not fail.


But the moral is: if you come out of the restaurant not very convinced after having paid 300 dollars just kill the chef.

Before starting this project I ask myself:

If 80% of the population (developed countries) spend on average 10$ for every meal in restaurants, why don’t exist a “Michelin Guide” where to eat extremely well for less than 10$?

So, possessed by gluttony, I started to ask the people around me which were the bedside “restaurant guides” they consulted before dining out.

I only extracted 4 types from the all research:

1.- Local guides.
onlymenu. Com, gluttons. Com, spoonbills. Com . 11870. Com

(clever for your local, as much inter-county places).

2.- National/Inter national guides.,,

In these recommend the last dress you can buy in (propaganda for a friend) a cheap flight to Cancun or the most nominated movie at the theatres. So yes, they are very helpful.

3.- All kind: Cuisine &Price.

Leisure Guide. Com, Lonely Planet. Com

Here you are invited to visit any world cuisine missing out among its many options (Asian Cookery, Lebanese, Argentina, Cantonese …).And encompasses dishes from 2 dollars to 222 dollars. Too many rows.

4.- Unpronounceable guides/blogs. doyoufancyanotherrestaurantorstayhereallnightlong. net

When you have decided one restaurant, it’s already closed.

(Needless to appoint the millions of gastronomic blogs you will never remember, the 2 above are obviously invented)

The conclusion: everything was too confusing to me. As my father says “never mix apples with oranges”.

So, here begins the story of “The Starving Prince”:

The aim was to create something simple and easy to remember and above all, cheaper in times of instability. Do we need to spend a lot of money to eat well in “times of crisis”?

I abstracted my mind to something that was Simple, Stupid, but Universal. And I woke up from that pleasant dream with a word in the mouth: TOOTH- PICK. Yes, yes, I said toothpick.


TOOTHPICK? I thought to myself and I figured several scenes; a cowboy with a toothpick in the mouth leaving an American dinner; my friend Macarena picking an exquisite chorizo in a tapas-bar in Spain, my neighbor Otto in Berlin removing that toothpick from the Bratwurst that a barman serves.

OK. A Toothpick is a very Universal object which suggests something cheap. But, you have to do something fun, entertaining and dare I say almost pedagogical, I said myself.

Few months ago I read an article “Tips for future travelers”. It says:

“Almost nobody want to stand in a corner of Soho to browse their huge, heavy phone guide in London, caught between pages that include the average rainfall in the British capital in January and the composition of ale, when what want to know where to dine Londoners “

And I promised that I would never be that tourist with the “grin of gullible” admiring the statue of Eros in Piccadilly Circus without knowing A good Place where to eat.

Then I dreamed I designed a simple application for Iphone & Android, so one day this guy, lost half of London, was to eat “the best roast beef Bagel with English mustard” all over the city, guided, like a sleepwalker with half-closed eyes to 159, Brick Lane.

Those places that only locals know and where to go.
And now only “Toothpick Guide” is going to mention.

Since then no one else would walk lost by any city in the world without trying the best dish of spaghetti or grandmother soup pot, served for less than $ 10. Now the whole Earth would have on the phone the new application. Because, above all, nobody wants to pay more than 10$ to eat like a princess or in my case as a little prince.

Download application Iphone/Android : Sep. 2011 The best food at the best price. Wherever u are.


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  1. mayo 22, 2011 a 10:13 #

    TbhDBh siillvxhprgu, [url=]dtbazjgcucuk[/url], [link=]grozddkoeeuo[/link],

  2. mayo 25, 2011 a 02:58 #

    Interesting, still I\’ve came accross one completely opposite blog post the other day

    • mayo 29, 2011 a 10:37 #

      Thaks Christian for your oppinion. We love your shoes. They are amazing!!.

  3. mayo 28, 2011 a 05:52 #

    This is the first time I came accross such oppinion, funny


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